Sunday, September 27, 2015

Holy Spirit Guidance Clarified

The kingdom of God is of a different REALM, it is in a different DIMENSION
from the physical that we
experience around us and the only way that we can KNOW what is
happening in the kingdom of God and what God is doing is if we HEAR
from Him, if we are led by the Holy Spirit.
The only way that we can function as
the body of Christ is if we are guided by the Holy Spirit, if we
receive our instructions and guidance from the Head, Jesus Christ
Himself. "Those who are led by the Spirit of God they are the
sons of God."
I often get asked how the Holy Spirit
guides a disciple. and I want to share with you from my experience
what I have been taught by the Holy Spirit.
In clarifying this subject I want to
answer these questions. Firstly: WHAT does the Holy Spirit tell us?
The Holy Spirit gives us CLEAR GUIDANCE
and INSTRUCTION. When the Holy Spirit speaks to you, you KNOW exactly
what you need to do and you understand, He gives you INSTRUCTION.
The Holy Spirit also REBUKES us . The
Holy Spirit has rebuked me and CORRECTED me harshly when I went
The Holy Spirit also gives us
REVELATION of the UNKNOWN, of lies that people tell us. He tells us
the TRUTH about circumstances. He lets us KNOW the TRUTH.
The Holy Spirit also commands us to
action. He SENDS us to do certain things and He tells us exactly
where to go, to whom to go and what we have to go and DO there. The
Holy Spirit guidance is always CLEAR. You KNOW that it comes from
HIM. There is no doubt in your mind whatsoever WHO spoke to you and
WHO is sending you. It is not a FEELING, it is not just an URGE. It
The Holy Spirit also CLARIFIES many
things that we do not understand. He clarifies the meaning of
scripture. There are many interpretations of scripture that come from
the minds of men.
Why are there so many different
interpretations? It is because they do not come from the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of TRUTH who will guide us into all
TRUTH, He will tell us the TRUTH and there is only ONE TRUTH. If you
have heard from Jesus Christ then you have heard the TRUTH. Don't
listen to other people, don't trust other people because then you
will be deceived. You have to trust the Holy Spirit and He will guide
you into ALL TRUTH.
People want to know HOW the Holy Spirit
speaks. The Holy Spirit speaks in many different ways. He is
PLEASES, and those who are TUNED IN, who SEEK Him, they will HEAR
He sometimes speaks in a VOICE, you
HEAR it in your SPIRIT. You hear it LOUD AND CLEAR. Sometimes He
shouts and although other people might not hear it, you have heard it
it and you experience it.
He also speaks in DREAMS. Not all
dreams are from the Holy Spirit but when the Holy Spirit speaks to us
in a dream, we will UNDERSTAND that it comes from Him. We have to
PRAY about all dreams. If we are not sure about anything we must PRAY
and the Holy Spirit will give us CONFIRMATION and CLARIFICATION.
Don't run to other people. If Jesus
speaks to you, go back to HIM. We have to be led by the Holy Spirit,
not by other people and their interpretations. We have ONE TEACHER
and that is Jesus Christ, He GUIDES us by His SPIRIT. Don't find
yourself some other teachers, you WILL be deceived. Go to Jesus and
STAY WITH HIM and He will guide and teach you.
The Holy Spirit sometimes IMPLANTS, He
just GIVES you WISDOM that you KNOW, does not come from yourself. You
might be in a situation that you do not know what to do. It might be
in a relationship with other people, it might be a work situation. In
all things we have to ask wisdom from God who gives to all men
freely. Maybe you do not know what to answer somebody who asks you
something. In your heart PRAY and say:"Lord what must I say"
and He imparts WISDOM, He puts WISDOM in you in that moment He puts
the words in you mind, in your heart, IMPLANTED wisdom, IMPLANTED
WORD OF GOD, if we ASK Him and if we TRUST Him.
The Holy Spirit also speaks to us
through SICKNESS and CIRCUMSTANCES. Nothing happens without reason
in the life of a child of God. If we follow Jesus Christ we belong to
Him, He is our LIFE. He GUIDES OUR FOOTSTEPS. If we get sick or if
things do not work out the way that we planned, if God destroys our
plans then we have to go and pray and ask Jesus WHY. "Lord why
am I sick? Lord why do my plans not work out? What is the message?"
Jesus Christ speaks to us through ALL THINGS. all things are His
servants. The Holy Spirit uses all things to speak to us but it is
for us to ALWAYS go back to Him, always ASK, always SUBMIT ourselves
to Him and He will give us GUIDANCE and UNDERSTANDING.
The Holy Spirit gives us UNDERSTANDING.
There are many things that we do not understand in this world. There
are many things that we might not understand, what Jesus said or what
is written in the Bible BUT UNDERSTANDING of the TRUTH comes from the
Holy Spirit.
One night I clearly heard these
words:"1 John 5:20," It was not a verse that I had
memorized or knew what was written there. I read it:
"And we know that the Son of
God has come, and has given us UNDERSTANDING so that
we may know Him who is true; and we are in Him who is
true, in His Son Jesus Christ. This is the
true God and eternal life."
He gives us UNDERSTANDING of things
that people marvel about, things that are hidden to the world and
hidden to everybody else.
What is the REQUIREMENT to HEAR from
the Holy Spirit, to follow His guidance? 
We have to be ABSOLUTELY SERIOUS and
WILLING to do the will of God. We have to be EAGER to follow and OBEY
Jesus Christ and above all we have to TRUST Him.
If we do not TRUST Him we will waver
and if we waver we are like the surf of the sea, the waves of the sea
tossed to an fro, UNSTABLE. Our TRUST in Jesus and the Holy Spirit
must be absolutely UNWAVERING, and we must OBEY Him. If we disobey
Him, if we doubt Him, then we can not please Him. Without faith it is
impossible to please God. If we are UNSURE we must ASK Him to
CONFIRM, to speak to us again. But we have to trust HIM and nobody
Jesus said that every branch in Him
that does not bear fruit will get CUT OFF AND BURNED. The only way
that we can be fruitful in the kingdom of God is if we follow and
obey the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We have to receive our
instruction and guidance from the HEAD, Jesus Christ or else we
cannot function in the Body of Christ.
Those who are led by the Spirit of God
they are the sons of God.
Do not look to other people. Do not
seek their advice. go to Jesus. seek Him with all your heart, ASK HIM
and He will guide you. Obey Him and He will TEACH you. Do not look
for examples from other people. Receive your guidance form Jesus
Christ Himself. Remember, we have to follow Jesus Christ and not
other people. Jesus Christ is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. We
have ONE Teacher, ONE Master, ONE Lord, ONE King of His Kingdom whom
we have to serve if we want eternal life and that is Jesus Christ ,
nobody else. Seek Jesus, seek the Holy Spirit guidance . He will
teach you and He will guide you into all truth.

May Jesus bless you.

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