Saturday, September 12, 2015

Backsliders Go back to Jesus

There are many believers who once knew Jesus Christ , who once were close to Him, who were serious in their walk with Him but they have backslidden.  They have fallen away from Jesus Christ and they are hesitant to go back to Him. Many are not sure whether Jesus Christ will take them back. Many are afraid of going back, feeling foolish, afraid of being rejected and ridiculed by other Christians who were the so-called faithful. There is only one way to have eternal life and that is to follow Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ never leaves us, we leave Him. He is faithful. We might fall away but we have to get back to Him. We have to follow Him with all our power. If you are backslidden, if you have fallen away from Jesus Christ, GET BACK TO HIM as soon as you can, IMMEDIATELY. Don't go back to church, don't go back to the so-called Christians that you knew, but go to Jesus. Get serious with Jesus Christ. It is our relationship with Him that matters. We have to be LED by the Holy Spirit to be able to be pleasing to Jesus. Be serious. REPENT. If you were never baptized in water, BE BAPTIZED and then SEEK the baptism in the Holy  Spirit, seek the INFILLING with God's Holy Spirit because we can only follow and be pleasing to Jesus if we are LED by the Spirit of God, by the Holy Spirit. We can only bear fruit if we are led by the Holy Spirit. It is a PERSONAL CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ where we live in utter OBEDIENCE to Him, where we FOLLOW Him, LISTEN to Him and DO His will. Don't let anything hold you back. Don't look to other people, they cannot help you.

We will each stand on our own before Jesus Christ. Get back to Jesus Christ IMMEDIATELY. Don't let anything stop you and FOLLOW Him with all your power. Seek Him, seek His guidance. He will guide you, He will teach you and He will make you fruitful IF you remain IN HIM, but don't wait. Go back to Jesus without delay. We can die any time  and then we will face judgment. Do not delay. Follow Jesus TODAY. Seek Him with all your power and follow Him until the very end. Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling and make sure that Jesus Christ is pleased with you.

May Jesus bless you.

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