Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Deny Self vs Develop Self

All normal people are about themselves, about improving themselves, promoting themselves. They live for SELF. They live a selfish life, but those who belong to the kingdom of God, who follow Jesus Christ, have to DENY themselves. They have to live for the Kingdom of God, for the King, Jesus Christ, not for themselves.

That is why most people will not follow Jesus Christ. Most believers do not understand that the kingdom of God is not about THEM but about Jesus Christ. It is not about preserving themselves but about seeking the approval of Jesus Christ, of doing His will and living a life that is pleasing to Him. It is not about pleasing other people and being  accepted by other people, it is about being approved of by God.

If we still seek to improve ourselves, preserve ourselves and to please people, to impress other people, then we cannot be seeking the approval of God. Then we are still carnal people. If we belong to the kingdom of God then we seek the approval of God, we seek His will and our prayer, from our heart is:"Thy will be done, Thy kingdom come." It is not about what we want and what we feel. It is about the WILL OF GOD.

If we do not DENY OUR SELVES and go after Jesus Christ and seek His will, His approval, then we cannot be of the kingdom of God and we will not have eternal life. Salvation is about DENYING ourselves and living for the King, Jesus Christ, seeking His approval and His righteousness, living according to His commands and DOING that which is pleasing to Him.

Are we really following Jesus Christ? Do we deny self or are we still seeking the approval and acceptance of men?

May Jesus bless you.

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