Friday, September 11, 2015

Once Saved but LOST AGAIN

Many believers were ONCE SAVED when they found Jesus Christ , they found the WAY, they found HOPE  and SALVATION in Jesus Christ but then they turned away from Jesus. They did not follow Him and they are LOST again. They lost their way, they lost Jesus Christ.

We have to mind our walk with Jesus every day. We have to follow and obey Him, we have to obey His words. we have to truly REPENT, be BAPTIZED IN WATER as He commanded and then SEEK the BAPTISM, they INFILLING WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit every day. We have to FOLLOW Jesus Christ every day until the very end or else will be LOST again and we will end up in damnation.

There is only ONE WAY to have eternal life and that is to FOLLOW Jesus Christ, to STAY with Him, to MIND OUR WALK with Him, to LISTEN to and OBEY the guidance of the Holy Spirit every day until the very end.

Are you following the Master? Do you still have the HOPE of salvation? Or do you base your SECURITY OF SALVATION on some Bible scriptures, that you once believed in Jesus? If we are not WITH HIM and stay with Him until the very end, we will not have salvation.

Salvation IS Jesus Christ, following, obeying and staying with Him, until the very end. are you still BEING SAVED or have you lost your way?

May Jesus bless you.

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