Thursday, September 3, 2015


When life is easy and when things are
going well people don't need God. They don't need Jesus, they
disregard Him, they shun Him, they mock Him but when things really go
bad, when all hope fails then people start looking for God. Then they
start crying out to God, they start looking for Jesus. They run to
churches, they run to people whom they regard as men and women of
God. but only God can help us, only Jesus Christ can help us.
However, we have to go to Him on His terms. We have to REPENT of our
wickedness and OBEY Him or else He will not HEAR OUR PRAYERS.
God is not just a convenience or a
spare wheel. We cannot just run to God when we run out of all other
hope and all other resources. We have to SEEK Him in the good times
and He will be with us in the bad times.
Many people will cry out and the
heavens will be brazen, they will be closed to them, they will not
get an answer. It is their SIN that separates then from God. Many
churches and many people will call for prayer meetings but God will
not answer because their sin separates them from God. If we do not
REPENT and remove our abominations before the face of God those
things that separate us from God, HE WILL NOT ANSWER OUR PRAYERS.
We have to come to Him on His terms.
REPENT and turn away from our wickedness, our sins and the things
that we have loved and treasured more than Him or else He will NOT
HEAR US. But if we truly repent and turn away from wickedness, if we
come to Him with a contrite heart, with sorrow over our sins, really
sorry for our wickedness and we plead Him for forgiveness, He will
answer and He will hear us.
There comes a time when the door will
close, when people will call out to God and He will not answer. Today
is the day of salvation. NOW is the time to call on Jesus . If you
REPENT and remove your sins from you NOW and you come to Jesus NOW
and you obey Him NOW , repent and be baptized and seek Him with all
your heart, then He will FILL you with the Holy Spirit and you can
live in the presence of God. God takes care of His children . But if
we reject Him now He will not be with us in the day of our trial and
our tribulation. Seek Jesus NOW while you can. Don't wait until it is
too late and you call out and He does not answer you, because then
He will say to you: "When I called you did not listen, when you
call I will not hear you."
Today is the day of salvation. Repent,
stop sinning, turn from your wicked ways, seek Jess with all your
heart, be baptized i water. Obey Jesus Christ, seek the baptism in
the Holy Spirit, the presence of God in your life and then FOLLOW and
OBEY the guidance of the Holy Spirit and God will be with you.
Are you with God? Or have you rejected

May Jesus bless you.

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