Thursday, September 24, 2015

Real Church

Real church is not Bible study or a sports bar or a gym, or a coffee shop doughnuts and coffee or a tea party, like most Christians have come to believe. Real church is about an intimate meeting with Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ said:"My Father's house will be a house of prayer for all nations but you have changed it into a robber's den.  Real Church is when the saints come together to worship God in Spirit and in truth, when they come to be taught by the Holy Spirit. It is not about Bible study or pep-talks to make you feel good. It is about being taught by the Holy Spirit. It is when the saints come together to pray and worship God and wait on Him until He reveals Himself in and to them. It is then that the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate through those who are filled with the Holy Spirit, when they pray and they receive revelation and prophecy.

Real church is where the saints come together to share their testimonies, to encourage each other to follow Jesus, to endure until the end. Real church is not a place where sinners and sinning Christians or believers feel welcome. They are CONVICTED by the Holy Spirit. It is a place where sinners fall on their faces in conviction and they cry out to God for forgiveness. It is a place where the presence of God is felt.

Real church is not a church building. It is a meeting of the saints where real saints get together in houses or wherever  they come together to share Jesus Christ, to worship Him. Real church is not a Sunday affair, it is an every day affair, because those who follow Jesus Christ, follow Him EVERY DAY.

Real church is not a gathering of sinning believers. It is where two or three gather in the Name of Jesus Christ to glorify HIM. Real church is not about US, it is about Jesus Christ. It is not a social gathering, it is when the saints gather to glorify God, to come into His presence, to seek Him, to pray and to learn from Him. Sinners cannot bear it to be in real church. They either run away or they repent and find Jesus Christ.

Are you part of the REAL CHURCH, the BODY OF CHRIST in which He dwells, the Holy priesthood through whom the Holy Spirit operates, the REAL Body of Christ in which the Holy Spirit dwells?

Are you part of that REAL CHURCH or do you go to the false churches of this world? If you are not part of the REAL CHURCH and you do not experience REAL CHURCH then you are not of the kingdom of God and you do not belong to Jesus Christ.

Seek Jesus with all your power.Submit to Him, OBEY Him, be filled with the Holy Spirit, worship Him in spirit and in truth and you will become part of the REAL CHURCH.

May Jesus bless you.

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