Monday, September 28, 2015

The secret of daily HEARING God's VOICE

Jesus Christ said:"My sheep HEAR
My VOICE, they LISTEN and they FOLLOW Me." Also that "they
will not go after strangers because they do not know the voice of the
We cannot follow Jesus Christ if we do
not KNOW His VOICE, if we do not have the Holy Spirit and if we are
not led by the Holy Spirit. There are many voices going out in the
world and it is only those who know the voice of Jesus who will
recognize His voice and follow Him.
We cannot follow Jesus Christ if we do
not GO AFTER Him, if we do not SEEK His kingdom and His
righteousness. Jesus will not go after us. We have to go after Him
and follow Him.
Most believers do not know the voice of
Jesus Christ. Many who are born again never learned to LISTEN to His
voice, they never learned to FOLLOW Him and that is why they do not
know His voice neither do they follow Him.
If we are truly disciples of Jesus
Christ we will KNOW His VOICE. We will LISTEN and FOLLOW Him EVERY
DAY. We cannot follow Jesus part of the time, part of the way when it
pleases us. We cannot follow Jesus Christ if we do not turn away from
our own plans, from our own affairs and go after Him, if we do not
put Him FIRST and SEEK Him, seek to HEAR from Him, then we cannot be
His disciples, we cannot do the works that He prepared for us to do.
We have to DENY ourselves and pick up
our cross, FOLLOW Jesus Christ IN SPITE OF persecution, rejection and
temptation. In spite of all that we must put Jesus Christ FIRST and
go after Him every day. WAIT on Him, LISTEN and He will SPEAK to us.
He will guide us and He will teach us.
If we truly follow Jesus Christ we will
hear His voice every day. We might not hear what we WANT to hear but
we will hear what He wants to tell us, what He wants us to know . If
we follow Jesus we will HEAR His VOICE every day.

May Jesus bless you.  

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