Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Bible Study Church and Fellowship do not Save

Bible study, church, fellowship , religious teachings and religious activities do not save you. It is our relationship with the Living God, with Jesus Christ that CAN save us IF we FOLLOW Him.

Religious activities do not keep us safe, do not guide us into truth, do not guide us into the ways of God, they do not guide us into fruitfulness in the kingdom of God. Salvation is through KNOWING, FOLLOWING, OBEYING and SERVING the Living God, Jesus Christ. If we do not KNOW Him  and if we are to in the right fellowship with Him, we cannot have salvation because Jesus Christ Himself is the One who saves. He is the One who guides us into all truth through HIS SPIRIT who dwells IN US if we KNOW Him. Jesus Christ gives of His Spirit, the Holy Spirit to live in us, to be with us, to guide us and to teach us IF we SEEK Him. If we purify ourselves of all unrighteousness and seek to obey Him, we REPENT of all wickedness, OBEY His commands and are baptized in water, then He gives of His Spirit  to be WITH US, to guide us into all truth.

It is through prayer, through a SPIRITUAL ONENESS with Jesus Christ, HEARING His VOICE, following Him, that we are GUIDED into all truth, that we are SAVED from the CORRUPTION of this world.

Without that close relationship, that ONENESS  with the Living God, with Jesus Christ, we do not have salvation.  Only Jesus Christ can save us, keep us, teach us and make us fruitful IF we are WITH HIM and STAY with Him, if we experience Him as REAL.

We have to be focused on Him  every moment, day and night and we have to live our lives to please Him, OBEY HIM. Then we become part of His kingdom. we come into UNITY with Him, we become part of the Kingdom of God and He guides our very steps, every step of the way. He guides our thoughts, He gives us LIFE. He guides us and keeps us, He teaches us His ways.

without Jesus we are LOST, Without that close relationship with Him we are DOOMED.

Do you know Jesus Christ? Do you follow Him every day? Are you focused on Him? Is your spirit ONE with His? Are you being guided by the Holy Spirit? Or are you in darkness? Are you LOST. Seek Jesus with all your heart until you find Him and He will SAVE you. He will guide you, He will teach you, He will bring you into His kingdom IF you STAY with Him and you follow Him until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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