Sunday, October 4, 2015

Meaningless Prayer

Many people pray meaningless prayers. Some pray to gods that do not exist. Some Christian believers do not believe when they pray to God.  Their prayers are just a meaningless repetition of words. They just pray the same prayers over and over like they have been taught since they were little. To them God is not real.

If we do not go to God with faith in our hearts and if we do not pray with MEANING, KNOWING that our prayers are heard , if we do not mean what we say, what we pray, then they are just empty words lost into the air.  And that is how many people do pray, hoping that they be heard but they do not really believe that God is hearing or that He will answer their prayers.

If we go to God in prayer we have to be serious and we have to pray with meaning knowing that He answers those who EARNESTLY pray with a serious heart. If we do not believe that God is hearing our prayer and that He will answer and we do not expect an answer then our prayer is futile, meaningless, senseless. but if we go to Him with a serious heart and we pray earnestly then He will answer our prayer.

Many people ask for the baptism in the Holy Spirit but they are not serious. It is just like they are taking a chance. They are just saying:"Lord please fill me with the Holy Spirit." If we do not earnestly EXPECTANTLY pray we will not get an answer, we will not get what we asked for and God will not reveal Himself to us. We have to pray from our heart with all that is in us, reaching out to Him in our spirit and He will answer us.

Those who go to God must believe that He IS and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. They pray with meaning and they receive an answer. Do not pray meaningless prayers. Pray with all your heart and with meaning, and Jesus Christ will answer your prayers.

May Jesus bless you.

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