Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Who is your Lord?

If you are a born again child of God and you call yourself a Christian then Jesus Christ is your LORD and you SERVE Him as LORD. Your life is about Jesus Christ, being pleasing to Him in every thing that you do. You live your life the way that He commanded and you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is you BOSS, your LORD, your MASTER, you live and work for Him and for His kingdom .
Most professing Christians live to please themselves. Many are their own boss or they have other bosses or lords. To some their husband is their boss or their wife, or their employer or their friends but they do not submit to Jesus Christ. Many will tell you that they do not believe in a WORKS GOSPEL, they refuse to work for the kingdom of God, they refuse to serve Jesus Christ as Lord but they serve their own lusts and they go after their own desires. They serve satan but they call themselves Christians. They are not Christians they are sons of the devil.
If we are truly children of God then Jesus Christ is Lord. Many believers do not even know whom to pray to. They do not know who their Lord is, they do not know Jesus Christ, and that is why He will say to most of them:"Go away I never knew toy, you workers of wickedness."
Do you know your LORD? Do you know His voice and do you follow Him? Jesus Christ said:"My sheep HEAR MY voice, they LISTEN and they FOLLOW ME."
Is Jesus Christ YOUR LORD? Do you listen, obey, follow and serve Him or do you have some other lords?
Are you truly a child of God? Is Jesus Christ your Lord?
May Jesus bless you. 

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