Saturday, October 31, 2015

You don't need church you need Jesus Christ

For most professing Christians it is important to have a "good" church because they need somewhere to get married, somewhere to christen their babies and somewhere to be buried from.

All those things are not important in the kingdom of God. All that is really important is for us to have Jesus Christ, not to have a church. If we do not have Jesus Christ we are LOST.

On the other hand, if you have Jesus Christ and you follow Him and you do what He commanded, then church will REJECT you, they will persecute you. Churches will not want you. You cannot have Jesus Christ AND church. You have to decide whether you want "church" and want to be accepted in this world or whether you want to follow Jesus Christ and like Him be hated and rejected by all people, most of all by the church people who do not want nor know Jesus Christ.

Do you have Jesus Christ or do you have a church?

May Jesus bless you.


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  2. I do not want a church...they are false. When I stopped going to church, Christ revealed himself to me. I ask for Truth, and He gave it abundantly! If we really want to know Christ, we must come out of the evil mixture...and be ye separated.