Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sinners are wicked at heart you cannot change them

Sinners are wicked at heart and that is why they cannot enter the kingdom of God. Many professing Christians are sinners. You cannot change them because their nature is to be wicked. 
The only way that we can enter the kingdom of God is, we have to be born again BUT before you can be born again you have to renounce your old nature of sin, you have to turn your back on that which you were. You have to accept Jesus Christ and His conditions for salvation. He requires that we be righteous and holy and we have to renounce sin, turn away form sin, REPENT and put on the NEW NATURE, the nature of Jesus Christ. SIN NO MORE. 
Many believers are wicked at heart, they are SINNERS. They are like a hog, like a pig. You can wash a hog but when he sees mud he dives right into it again because he loves the flth. You cannot change a sinner. 
A sinner can be born again IF he wants to, IF he accepts Jesus Christ but he has to put his old nature behind him. He has to reject sin. he has to reject the way that he was and he has to embrace Jesus Christ and go after Him. He has to SEEK to be pleasing to Jesus. We will all be tempted in various ways but if we do not love righteousness and love Jesus Christ then we will fall into temptation. 
We have to stand against temptation because we love Jesus and we want to be pleasing to Him. But if we still love sin and the pleasures of sin then at heart we are wicked, we are filthy. 
You cannot change a sinner. A sinner is wicked at heart. You need a NEW HEART. if you want to enter the kingdom of God, ASK Jesus to give you a NEW HEART to make you NEW INSIDE to be a child of God but you first have to renounce, reject sin, reject the old nature before you can put on the new nature. 
Seek to please Jesus, not your old friends. Do not seek to be acceptable to the world because then you will fall back into the filth and wickedness. Seek holiness, seek righteousness, seek the kingdom of God with all that is in you. stand against temptation and endure with Jesus Christ until the very end. 
Keep yourself pure and holy and acceptable to Jesus. If you allow yourself to be covered in filth you are not suitable for the kingdom of God. If you allow the thought of sin and wickedness and the desires of this world to enter you, you will FALL to the wiles of the devil. Reject satan, reject wickedness and SEEK to be pleasing to Jesus Christ. Put on the new nature, become a child of God or else you will perish. No sinners will enter into the kingdom of God. Separate yourself unto God. Purify yourself, cleanse yourself of all sin and unrighteousness and you will be acceptable to Jesus Christ .
May Jesus bless you. 

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