Saturday, October 10, 2015

The true gospel has FEW followers

There are many gospels being preached in the world today. There are popular gospels, grace gospels, super grace gospel but the true gospel of Jesus Christ has very few followers. 
The true gospel of Jesus Christ is the only one that saves but it is not preached in churches today. If the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached in churches they would be burned down, closed, their members would be persecuted, they would be outlawed, rejected, because the gospel of Jesus Christ is a gruesome gospel. It is not a popular gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the WORDS that Jesus delivered to us as they are also recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Very few people are willing to follow and obey Jesus Christ.
If you truly believe the gospel of Jesus Christ and you obey Him, you go after Him and you do as He commanded then you will be persecuted, you will be rejected, even by your own family, by your friends. Most of the time you will find yourself on your own because if you follow Jesus Christ you will be rejected and persecuted like He was rejected and persecuted.
Jesus Christ said that His followers will be hated by all men, just like He was hated. What they did to Him they will also do to you, if you follow Jesus Christ. 
The gospel of Jesus Christ is not easy. it is the narrow straight road that leads to eternal life. It is the ONLY way to enter the kingdom of God.
Are you willing to STEP OUT and follow Jesus Christ? Are you willing to be persecuted and rejected like Jesus Christ? Will you go after the truth and follow Jesus Christ or would you rather go with lies and the acceptance of men?
Very few will follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. 
May Jesus bless you.

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