Monday, October 26, 2015

You cannot PUSH Jesus Christ

Some believers think that they can go out in the name of Jesus and build big ministries, do mighty deeds. They believe that if they have the gifts of the Holy Spirit they can become famous and do great things for the kingdom of God.

The truth is that Jesus Christ is KING and He is LORD, He REIGNS. The glory and the honor belongs to Him. If we follow Jesus Christ then we go after Him, we wait on Him. If we cleanse ourselves of all unrighteousness and make ourselves available to Him then we have to wait on Him for His guidance and He will use us for His plan in His time, and in His way as it suits Him. Jesus Christ is the KING. The kingdom is His and we serve Him as KING. We ourselves are just bond-servants, we serve Him because we WANT to, because we follow HIM and do HIS will.

We can only be pleasing to Jesus if we OBEY Him, if we follow the guidance of His Spirit, WAIT on Him, GO and DO WHEN and HOW He guides us. We cannot PUSH Jesus, we cannot DIRECT Him, He does not ask our opinion or our wisdom. The wisdom and the power , the glory belongs to Him. It is only when we submit ourselves to Him and allow Him to use us as He pleases that we can be pleasing to Him.

Jesus Christ is MASTER and He is LORD and we have to serve Him as LORD to be part of His kingdom. Is Jesus Christ YOUR Lord? Do you serve Him and do you do as He commands? Do you follow His bidding?

May Jesus bless you.

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