Thursday, December 10, 2015

Only Jesus Christ gives LIFE

Jesus Christ gives LIFE to everything and to everybody. The LIFE that we have in us, we were given by Jesus Christ. The wages of sin is death and sin separates us from Jesus Christ. Sin results in DEATH. If we live in sin and if we practice sin then we will PERISH, but if we turn away from sin and we obey Jesus Christ He promises us ETERNAL LIFE.

Those who believe in Jesus Christ and who OBEY Him, will never die. Even though their body might die, their soul will LIVE.

Jesus Christ gives eternal life to those who OBEY Him. Do you OBEY Jesus Christ. Have you turned away from sin? Have you REPENTED? Have you been baptized in water and has Jesus Christ given you His Spirit of Life, the Holy Spirit, to be in you and to be with you for eternity? Do you have LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE in Jesus  Christ?

Without Jesus Christ we have no life. Those who turn their back on Jesus, those who ignore Him, those who reject Him, will PERISH. Have you ACCEPTED Jesus Christ? Do you OBEY Him and do you have His Spirit of Eternal Life in you? Do you have LIFE, ETERNAL LIFE in Jesus  Christ?

May Jesus bless you?

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