Friday, December 25, 2015

Unity of the Body

Jesus Christ and the Father are One. They are of the same Spirit. Those who are IN CHRIST are also ONE because they are of the same Spirit, no matter what their nationality is, their language or their color, they are of the same SPIRIT, they love each other and they understand each other, because they are led by the same SPIRIT.

Those who are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. The Body of Christ has ONE Head and that Head is Jesus Christ and if a person does not have the Spirit of Christ then that person does not belong to Him.

Churches have different spirits and they are not the Spirit of God, they are religious demons, spirits of division and faction. Churches, denominations and groups are driven by different spirits, they are not the Spirit of Christ, they are DEMONS, religious spirits. There are Catholic spirits, Methodist, Lutheran, Evangelical, Pentecostal and even Non-denominational spirits that drive and combine those groups but they are all against the Spirit of God. They are not of the kingdom of God. They are opposed to the Kingdom of God.

If you have received the Spirit of Christ then you are of the kingdom of God and you LISTEN to Jesus, you are led by the Holy Spirit and you follow Him, you do not run after people , you do not belong to denominations, you belong to Jesus Christ, you are of the kingdom of God. Many people run after their own spirit, they are also opposed to the  kingdom of God.S They are not submitted to Jesus Christ.

Do you have the Spirit of Christ? Are you led by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God? Or do you belong to a group, a denomination or do you follow your own mind? Are you working out your own salvation from your own interpretation of the Bible or from what other people say? Are you a follower of men or are you a follower of a God? Are you of the Spirit of Christ? Are you part of the kingdom of God? Do you LISTEN to the Holy Spirit? Do you LISTEN to the Holy Spirit, serve and follow the King Jesus Christ? Are you ONE with God, with Jesus Christ or are you separated from God?

There is only one way to receive the Spirit of Christ and that is to accept Him as your Lord , your Master and your King, to REPENT and turn away from sin and from serving your self, to submit yourself to Him, to be baptized in water  to live in holiness and righteousness and to then ask Him for the baptism in the Holy Spirit so that the Spirit of Christ will dwell in you and you can then follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but you have to DENY yourself, pick up your cross every day, stay tuned in to the Holy spirit every moment and follow His guidance, submit to the Holy Spirit, be led by the Spirit of God until the very end. Only then are you ONE with God, ONE with Jesus Christ and part of the kingdom of God. Are you ONE with Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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