Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Striving for the Kingdom

Salvation is about serving the King of the kingdom of Heaven, Jesus Christ, about knowing Him and serving His kingdom, right now and for the rest of our lives until we die.

If we do not accept Jesus Christ NOW and do not serve Him right now, then the day that we die He will say to us:"Go away i never knew you." If we are not interested in the kingdom of God right now then we will not be welcome in heaven the day that we die.

We have to STRIVE for the kingdom of God, we have to SERVE the King right now, that is what Jesus Christ calls us to do, to FOLLOW Him, to SERVE Him and to OBEY Him and to BUILD His kingdom. If we are not for Him  we are against Him. If we do not love Him we hate Him and we will spend eternity away from Him in HELL.

Jesus Christ will say to many people, the day that they die:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." Many of those will be preachers, believers, people who knew the Bible, people who thought they were saved. But they were living for themselves, they were living for the pleasures of life. They were not interested in Jesus Christ, they only wanted salvation. For them there will be no place in Heaven.

If we do not FIT INTO the kingdom of Heaven right now we will FIT OUT of it for eternity.

Jesus said:"My sheep HEAR My VOICE and they FOLLOW Me." Do we HEAR His VOICE? Do we LISTEN to Him? Do we FOLLOW Him? Do we STRIVE for His kingdom? Are we building His kingdom or are we busy with our own affairs? Where will we spend eternity? Where our treasure is there our heart will be also. Where is our heart? With ourselves and the things of this world or with Jesus Christ and His kingdom?

May Jesus bless you.

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