Thursday, December 24, 2015

Living in COMMUNION with God

Sinful man has no communication with
God. Sin separates us from God and we have to get rid of that sin
before we can come into the presence of God and we have to be pure
and holy to maintain that relationship with God.
If we go on our knees before Jesus and
we repent of sin, if we have true remorse over our sin and we ask
Jesus Christ for forgiveness then He removes the guilt of that sin,
He takes away that sin that is between us and Him and we come into
communion with Him, we experience His peace. But if we turn around
and go back to sin then that sin separates us from God. That is why
most Christian believers have no communication with God. They are
living in sin, they willfully sin.
The wages of sin is death. To be out of
communion with Jesus Christ is DEATH, death to our soul, eternal
damnation. That is why we must remain pure and holy and not allow
anything to come between us and Jesus Christ. If we stumble and sin
we have to immediately repent to remove the sin that now separates us
from God. If we willfully sin Jesus will not forgive our sin and we
will remain separated from Him, we will be in darkness. We must keep
ourselves pure and holy and in utter obedience to Him. If we purify
ourselves and live in holiness before Jesus we will be in constant
communion, constant communication with Him.
Those who are led by the Spirit of God
they are the sons of God. If we do not have that spiritual
communication wit God, with the Holy Spirit that speaks in our spirit
then we are separated from God, we are cut off from Him. It is our
own sin and our own wrongdoing that separates us from God. Without
Jesus we are LOST. Without that communication we are DOOMED.
Man shall not live from bread alone but
from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. If we are not in
communion with Jesus, if we do not hear Him speaking in our spirit
and giving us peace then we are separated from Him and we are in
danger of HELL FIRE. The only way that we can WALK WITH GOD, HEAR
His VOICE, LISTEN to Him and FOLLOW Him is if we walk in holiness,
purity and OBEDIENCE to the Holy Spirit. Without holiness no man
shall see God. If you are not living holy you will not HEAR the Holy
Spirit of God speaking to you because your sin separates you from
Repent form the heart and ask Jesus to
take away that sin and then live pure and holy every moment and you
will come into communication, COMMUNION with God.

May Jesus bless you.  

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