Thursday, December 31, 2015

Your COMMITMENT to Jesus Christ

Many people confess Jesus Christ. Many people say they believe in Him, many say that they love Him but the question is: Are we COMMITTED to Jesus Christ? Do we truly love Him? Do we OBEY Him  and do we FOLLOW  Him?

Our love and our commitment to Jesus Christ will be tested. Jesus said to Peter:"Do you love Me?" And he said:"Yes Lord, You know that I love You." And He said to him:"Do you love Me MORE than these here?" Peter became disheartened, but Jesus TESTED him.

Jesus said that if we love anything or anybody more than Him we are not worthy of Him. Are we COMMITTED to Jesus to the extent that we will follow Him until the end? Are we so committed to Him that even if the whole world turns against us, our family, our spouse, our children, our loved ones, that we will still stay with Jesus Christ? What is our commitment to Jesus? Are we more committed to our job, our colleagues, our country, our patriotism or do we love Jesus Christ more? Is Jesus REAL to us?

Many people can talk about the Bible, about their church and they become enthusiastic about those things, but can they talk about Jesus? Do they love Jesus that much? Are we committed to Jesus? Will we follow Him regardless of anything and everything?

Not many will stay with Jesus. Not many are being saved. Somebody asked Jesus whether those who are being saved are few and Jesus said:"Strive hard to enter the straight gate because many will try hard and not be able." Not many will follow Jesus all the way. Not many are even willing to OBEY Jesus by being baptized. Not many are willing to stop sinning. Not many are willing to give up their TV or their friends or their holidays or their own ambitions, their comforts. They are more committed to other things than to Jesus Christ. What is our commitment? How committed are we to Jesus Christ? If we are not committed to Him then we are not worthy of Him. If we deny Him He will certainly deny us. If we are more committed to other things than to Jesus Christ then we will not enter His kingdom.

What is our commitment to Jesus Christ? Do we care for His approval ? Do we care to hear His voice? Do we care for the guidance of the Holy Spirit? How committed are we to get an answer from Jesus when we pray?

Many people just give up easily. They are not committed. They are more committed to their pleasures and to holidays, the lusts of the flesh, than to Jesus. They are not willing to pray, they are not willing to give up anything for Jesus. They just want salvation. They want assurance of salvation but they don't want Jesus Christ.  They are not committed to Him.

Jesus said:"Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not what I say?" If we are truly committed to Him we will OBEY His words and we will seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We will seek His approval all the time. We will be truly committed to the kingdom of God. We will be serving the King. How is our commitment to Jesus Christ? Are we worthy of Him? Or are other things more important to us?

May Jesus bless you.


  1. How I sorely wish I could go back in time and stop Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden! From all your preaching, it appears Adam and Eve have absolutely ruined the human race! I bet Adam and Eve are in Hell, aren't they?

    1. Adam and Eve made their choices and died as consequence of their disobedience to God. We have to choose whether we will serve and obey Jesus Christ and we will bear the consequences for our decisions. We cannot blame our fate on Adam and Eve. We are responsible for our own destiny. Choose today to obey Jesus and DO it or you will certainly perish.

    2. TRUE!
      He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. says Jesus-Christ!