Saturday, December 5, 2015

Stand your Ground

Jesus Christ commanded us to rather turn the other cheek and not resist an evil man, but most believers will not hesitate to strike back or use severe force when they are threatened. However, those same believers say that they cannot stop sinning.

When satan attacks them and they are tempted they immediately cower and they give in to temptation, they give in  to sin. We must not give in to sin because if we sin we will BURN, we will end up in HELL. We have to submit ourselves to God., OBEY Jesus Christ, RESIST the devil in the Name of Jesus Christ, REBUKE him in the Name of Jesus and he will flee from us.

Be vigilant, always on guard and stand your ground against satan or he will destroy you.  Do not give in to the devil. Do not give him a foothold or else you will perish.

Obey Jesus Christ and SIN NO MORE. Do not allow satan to defeat you because then you will perish. Jesus said: BE HOLY as your Father in heaven is holy". He said:"Go sin no more." The wages of sin is death. If you sin you will perish.  Stand your ground against satan and Jesus Christ will give you the power to overcome.

may Jesus bless you.

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