Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Don't look back

Many Christians keep on looking back, they keep on seeking for direction in the past. They keep on listening to preachers of the past, reading the books and revelations of those who went before, those who followed Jesus Christ before us.

If we follow Jesus Christ  we must look ahead. We must stay focused on Jesus Christ who guides us and we must LISTEN to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ reveals NEW and HIDDEN things to those who FOLLOW Him.

You cannot keep on looking back and and still follow Jesus Christ, you have to look up, look ahead of you. Jesus Christ is going ahead of us. We must LISTEN to Him and FOLLOW Him and He will guide us into all truth. He will show us the way.

Do not go and look for direction in the messages and  the preachings of the past. Get your focus on Jesus Christ. He goes ahead of you. Follow Him and He will show you the way.

Do you KNOW Him? Do you hear His voice? Do you LISTEN to Him and do you follow Him? Or do you look for direction in the writings of the past?

May Jesus bless you.

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