Monday, December 21, 2015

Overcome Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks

If we follow Jesus Christ we will encounter many obstacles and stumbling blocks. It is important we be very careful that we do not stumble and that we do not sin.

Many of those who want to follow Jesus have a spouse that does not want to follow Jesus and then they divorce, they leave the other person, they sin, they do what is wrong in the sight of God. Many justify their sin with scripture or they say they had special revelation. Jesus Christ does not lead us into sin, He does not lead us into compromise. He leads us to OVERCOME.

Many of the things that we come across will be impossible, like mountains, like walls that we cannot get over but if we stay focused on Jesus He will guide us through. He will remove the stumbling blocks if He so wishes, but in everything we must remain blameless, we must NOT SIN. We must do the will of God.

If we endure with Jesus Christ until the very end then we will look back and confess, testify, that without Jesus we could not do it, because if you walk with Jesus you do not compromise, you do not sin, you OVERCOME because you follow Him. Jesus Christ leads us to the VICTORY if we follow Him.

Only those who overcome, who endure with Jesus, only they will have eternal life. Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing but with Jesus we overcome all obstacles.

Stay focused on Jesus and He will keep your feet from stumbling.

May Jesus bless you.

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