Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Trust in the Lord

When the storms of life come against us it is easy to be like the rest of the world, to run to a lawyer or to defend ourselves with everything that is in our power. But as children of God we need to run to Jesus first. We need to ask Him, call on Him, pray and TRUST Him and He will see us through. That is the only way that we will learn to trust in Jesus. That is the only way that we will have a testimony of the power of God, in uncertain circumstances, in impossible times.

There is an old song that says: "Trust in the Lord and don't despair. He is a friend so true. No matter what your problems are, Jesus will see you through." Jesus Christ will never let us down but we have to go to Him first, TRUST Him and stay with Him, then we will see His hand moving on our behalf. Then only can we shine for the kingdom of God.

Trust in Jesus and you will never be disappointed.

May Jesus bless you.

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