Friday, December 18, 2015


God has written His laws in the heart of every person. The Word of God is IN US. It is not far from us, it is WITH us but most people do not LISTEN to the voice of the Holy Spirit that  speaks in their heart. They have closed their ears and they have hardened their hearts and they refuse to LISTEN and OBEY the voice of God and therefor they are separated from God.

Jesus Christ IS the Word of God. If we LISTEN and we OBEY the Word of God SPEAKING in us, turning us from wickedness, guiding us into truth then we are IN CHRIST, we are IN the will of God and the more we LISTEN the more we OBEY, the more He will guide us.

Most professing Christians say they are IN THE WORD, they are in their own understanding and application of the scriptures, the Bible, but they are not IN CHRIST.  They ignore the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking to them and in them and therefor they are separated from God. If we are not IN CHRIST,  we are in disobedience, we are in sin and if we do not repent and OBEY Jesus Christ we will perish.

If we need wisdom and if we need guidance, all we have to do is pray and ask Jesus for guidance. He will SPEAK, He will speak IN US but we must learn to LISTEN and learn to OBEY. We must stay TUNED in to the Holy Spirit of God that speaks to each and every person.

Are we IN CHRIST or are we in sin? Are we following our own desires and our own understanding or do we seek the wisdom of God?

We have to stay IN CHRIST, LISTEN and your soul will live.

May Jesus bless you.

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