Sunday, January 31, 2016

Defending your Salvation

The reason why many believers defend their salvation is because they do not know Jesus Christ. They do not have salvation. Salvation is not a guarantee, it is not a possession, we don't need to defend it.

Jesus never told us to defend ourselves. If we follow Him, He will defend us. If we truly follow Jesus Christ, we do not defend ourselves, we do not defend the Bible, we do not defend our faith, we do not defend our salvation.  We TESTIFY about Jesus. We tell the world why we HOPE in Jesus. We tell the world why we follow Him, why we obey Him, because HE IS REAL to us.

Many want to defend the Bible, defend their salvation, their opinion, their doctrines, their teachings. The Bible testifies about Jesus Christ, but if you do not know Jesus Christ for real then you are insecure, you have reason to doubt, and panic, be anxious, and that is why those believers are anxious, why they fight and DEFEND their salvation.

By quoting Bible scriptures they try to convince everybody that the are saved. If you follow Jesus Christ and you KNOW Him then you trust in HIM, not in what you believe. You know He is faithful and as long as you stay with Him He will guide you and He will teach you and He will keep you, He will hold your hand, but you have to follow Him.

You don't need to defend your salvation. Just stay with Jesus Christ and testify, tell the world why you are different, why you don't sin, why you don't go to the same places, why you are changed, why Jesus Christ is your Lord, because you KNOW Him.

Do you know Jesus Christ? Have you met Him? Are you following Him and do you tell the world why you follow Jesus Christ, or do you just believe that your doctrines are right, your understanding of the Bible is right and you have to PROVE your salvation? Then you don't have Jesus, dear friend. If you follow Jesus Christ you have nothing to defend. You just deny yourself every day, pick up your cross and follow Him until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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