Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lost Conscience Lost God

The world has lost it's conscience. People lie, they steal, they fornicate, they kill their own babies (abortion), the kill other people and they do not feel a thing, they don't care because the world has lost God. It has turned it's beck on God.

God wrote His laws in our heart. He gave each and every one of us a conscience. He speaks to us in out heart.

We all know right from wrong. The wages of sin is death. If we ignore our conscience then we are already judged by God. We are already convicted, we are GUILTY because God knows and He sees everything. We will all be judged by our conscience. Many have lost their conscience.

Christians think that if they just believe in Jesus Christ and carry on sinning, ignoring the voice of the Holy Spirit of God speaking in them, they think that they will have salvation, but they have lost God. They ignore Him, they do not LISTEN.

God is speaking to everybody, each of us. None of us will have an excuse when we stand before Jesus Christ in judgment. We all know right from wrong. God has put it in us. He is speaking to us all the time.

Jesus said:"My sheep HEAR My voice. They LISTEN and they follow Me." Are we His sheep? Do we LISTEN to His voice speaking to us? Are we living in holiness and righteousness? Do we OBEY His voice speaking in our conscience? Or are we like the rest?

Do we go to war, murder other people and justify our SIN and our WICKEDNESS with Bible verses?

God has one standard. It is written in our hearts and we will be judged by His standard. are we LISTENING? Do we OBEY? Or have we LOST God?

May Jesus bless you.

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