Saturday, January 23, 2016

Your Destiny Is In Your Hand Choose Right

You and I determine our own destiny. It is in our hands. We decide, we choose. We either choose the truth or we choose lies. We either choose to sin or to live holy and righteous and we will bear the consequences of our decisions. In the end we will only have ourselves to blame if we end up at the wrong destiny.

If we reject the truth and go after lies, we will perish. If we seek the truth we will find it. The truth, the laws of God are written in our hearts, we all know right from wrong. We all have a conscience and failing all else we will be judged by our conscience. Nobody will have any excuse. We either decide to sin or to not sin. Nobody can force us. They can maybe kill us but they cannot force us to do what we do not want to do.

People who say that they cannot stop sinning are lying, they are lying to themselves but in the end they will face the truth because it was their decision to sin.

Many believers try to justify their sin. They say they cannot stop sinning, they believe lies. They believe psychology. Psychology is lies and manipulation. If you seek the truth you will find it. Choose the truth, choose to LIVE. Choose Jesus Christ and you will live. Choose Holiness, choose Righteousness and you will LIVE.

Your destiny is in your own hands. choose right.

May Jesus bless you.

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