Monday, January 4, 2016

The Winners and the Sinners

Most professing Christians are losers, they are SINNERS, they are poor performers. They cannot do anything right. They confess that they cannot even stop sinning. If they were to drive their cars like they follow Jesus Christ, they will all get killed. They will make poor athletes because they will never run a race, all they can offer is excuses. They say:"We are not perfect" and they give up before they even start.

The are not even trying to follow Jesus Christ. They will tell you that "We all stumble," they are professional stumblers.

With that attitude they will end up in hell because if you want to follow Jesus Christ and enter into His kingdom you have to be PERFECT, you have to be a PERFORMER. You have to run the race in such a way that you are going to win. You cannot just take time out. You have to deny yourself every day, pick up your cross and follow Jesus Christ. You have to motivate yourself. You have to keep going for the goal which is the approval of Jesus Christ.

Most professing Christians will not make it in this life neither will they make it into the kingdom of heaven because they cannot do anything RIGHT. They do not WANT TO. They are not interested, they are too lazy. They are useless citizens, they are compromisers, they are not fit for the kingdom of heaven.

You have to be DETERMINED if you want to follow Jesus Christ. You have to be willing to go all the way every day. You cannot be a quitter and follow Jesus Christ. Quitters will not follow Jesus, quitters will not enter the kingdom of heaven. You have to be serious and determined.

Whoever puts his hand to the plow and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ will not beg you to follow Him. He will not beg you to stop sinning but if you are not pure and holy and if you do not obey Him and go with Him all the way you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. He will say to you:"Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness."

You have to endure with Jesus Christ until the end to win the prize of eternal life. Are you a WINNER or are you a SINNER?

May Jesus bless you.

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