Friday, January 8, 2016

No Thirst No Fill No Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ promised the Holy Spirit to those who believe in Him and who obey Him, streams of living water that will flow from their innermost man. But very few people thirst for these streams of living water. Very few believers have a desire for Jesus Christ. Many want the baptism in the Holy Spirit  and the gift of speaking in tongues as a token, an assurance, a guarantee of salvation, but they do not want Jesus Christ.  and that is why they do not receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit because Jesus knows their intention, He knows their heart. They just want the gift, they don't want the Giver and once they have the gift they think that they have an assurance of salvation and they can go back to the world and go back to their own desires, because they believe that they are saved and  they are going to heaven.

Jesus Christ will FILL us, He will give in us streams of living water if we THIRST and if we SEEK Him. People just want to say a simple prayer and then they want to receive the Holy Spirit. If you do not THIRST and if you do not SEEK and if you do not HUNGER for Jesus Christ  then you will receive nothing.

Jesus said:"blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness because they will be satisfied."  If we do not HUNGER and THIRST  for Jesus Christ, for His fellowship, for Him Himself we will not receive anything.

Do you hunger and do you thirst for Jesus Christ? Have you been satisfied? Has Jesus given you those rivers of Living Water that flow through you and that spring up into eternal life? Do you have the Holy Spirit of Christ in you?

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Sometime ago i had an exlerience it hard to describe but it was very real. there was peace joy faith. i was so content. i have spoken in tounges and still do but i feel like something is missing. i need to hear jesus and if possible feel him. i despratly need hiis guidance then i will be content.