Friday, January 15, 2016


Those of us who follow Jesus Christ were also once sinners, but now we do not sin any more. We do not do the same things, we do not go the same places. We now follow Jesus Christ and we live in righteousness and in holiness. In everything we want to be blameless before our Lord and Master. we are ashamed of those things that we once did and we don't even talk about them. Our focus is on Jesus and on doing His will. Many people believe in Jesus but very few follow and obey Him. If we want eternal life we have to go after Jesus. we have to turn away from sin and from the things of the world and from our previous lifestyle of sin and self-gratification.  We have to deny ourselves every day, pick up our cross and go after Jesus. We have to listen to the guidance of His Holy Spirit speaking in us, and DO His will. You cannot go on sinning and being a sinner and also be a follower of Jesus Christ.

All those who follow Jesus Christ WERE once sinners but they SIN NO MORE.  Now they follow Him and they walk in His ways.  Are you still a sinner or are you following Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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