Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Bad News and The Good News

Somebody who commented on one of my videos asked me two questions. He asked me what the Good News is and secondly whether I still sin. In order to answer him what the Good News is I first had to give him the Bad News.

The Bad News is that the WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH and if you keep on sinning you will perish, even though you believe in Jesus Christ, because no sinners will enter into the kingdom of heaven. You have to stop sinning to enter the kingdom of heaven.

The Good News is that Jesus Christ came to take away the sins of the world and that He makes us FREE from the bondage to sin. He makes us FREE FROM SIN so that we can DO the will of God.

Whether I still sin? No. Jesus Christ made me FREE FROM SIN. I am BORN AGAIN. I am a child of God. I follow Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ holds my hand and He keeps my foot from slipping. He keeps me from stumbling, but I STAY WITH HIM, because without Jesus I will not make it.

Jesus Christ is the only way. If we do not go with Him every day, every step of the way, we will not make it into the kingdom of Heaven. You cannot follow Jesus Christ AND still go on sinning.

Have you put your hand in the hand of Jesus Christ and are you following Him? Have you ceased from sinning and are you now doing the will of God?

May Jesus bless you.

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