Saturday, February 4, 2017

Churches make HYPOCRITES

Churches make hypocrites.
Church members believe that their church membership will save them.
They believe that they are superior to other people, they believe
that their doctrines of their church are right. There is only one
right way and that is Jesus Christ. All other doctrines and other
teachings are doctrines of demons they are of satan. Church members
are spiritually dead because they follow after men. They are slaves
to sin. They cannot stop sinning, but yet they believe that they have
salvation even though they have no relationship with Jesus Christ.
All you need is Jesus
Christ. If you add anything to the words of Jesus or to the Name of
Jesus then that is from satan. Jesus Christ alone is the way and the
truth and the life. Those who are in Christ are not hypocrites, they
know how dependent they are on Jesus Christ and they know that
without Jesus they can do nothing. If you belong to a church you're
a hypocrite and an enemy of Jesus Christ.
May Jesus
bless you.

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