Friday, February 3, 2017

Don't look for a church or for Christian fellowship

Salvation is about our
relationship with Jesus Christ. If we do not know Jesus for real and
if that relationship is not growing every day then we have no hope of
salvation. Jesus Christ Himself is the way and the truth and the
Many people hear the
gospel of Jesus Christ, others pick up a Bible and read the gospel,
they believe in Jesus and then and they believe that they have to
look for a church or the fellowship of other Christians in order to
come closer to Jesus. That is not true. Our relationship is with
Jesus Christ alone. If we do not have that relationship we are lost.
We must follow Jesus Christ. We must seek Him in prayer and He will
reveal Himself to us. The people in church are not busy with the
kingdom of God. They are not following Jesus Christ. They are playing
church, they have no relationship with Jesus. Those who know Jesus
follow Him. Their communion,k their fellowship, their relationship is
with Him not with other people. They bring others into fellowship
with Jesus, because they know Jesus . Do you know Jesus Christ? Is
your relationship with Jesus Christ real? If you do not have Jesus,
you do not have life. Seek Jesus with all your heart and He will
reveal Himself to you.
May Jesus bless you.

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