Monday, February 13, 2017

The Church is LYING to You

Church is lying to you.
All churches are lying to you. There is only one way to have eternal
life and that is to believe in Jesus Christ and to obey Him, to
repent, of sin and of your own ways and go after Jesus; to be
baptized in water and to be filled with the Spirit of Chris, the Holy
Spirit and then to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Christ
living in you.
The doctrines of the
churches are lies. The words of Jesus Christ are the words of eternal
life, the gospel of Jesus Christ, as recorded in Matthew Mark Luke
and John. Those who disobey those words will perish. If you obey
those words, repent and be baptized, then you will be born again and
Jesus Christ will give His Spirit in you to guide you and to teach
you, every step of the way; but you have to go after Him. Jesus does
not want your money or your tithes. Jesus wants you to be pure and
holy, He wants you to repent of worldly things, to give up your
rights to yourself, to turn away from the things of the world and to
follow after Him. Jesus did not promise to make you rich. Jesus
promised you eternal life if you endure with Him until the end. Jesus
did not command anybody to go to church, He said:"Follow Me."
You don't need to be baptized in the church. You can be baptized in a
river like Jesus Himself, or in a tub or in a pool or in any water.
Jesus did not ordain any
preachers. The preachers of the churches are ordained by men who have
no knowledge of Jesus Christ. Jesus never commanded that we build
churches. He said we must follow Him. If you follow Jesus Christ you
will be hated and persecuted by all men, you will be in fellowship
with Him. Jesus commanded us to love each other but He did not
command us to fellowship with other believers. If we follow Jesus we
will be in fellowship with Him and we will bring others into
fellowship with Him and those who follow Jesus Christ have fellowship
with each other. They do not have a fellowship with the unrepentant
sinners idolaters and immoral people, wicked people that go to
churches, and unrepentant sinners who believe that they have
salvation because they follow after the lies of the church. The
church is lying to you. There is only one way, and that is to follow
Jesus Christ every day, to obey His words and to be led by His
Spirit. Jesus will say to most church people:"Go away, I never
knew you, you workers of wickedness," because they never
repented . Your church tells you to believe in Jesus for salvation.
They do not tell you to repent and be holy and righteous, they say
they are all sinners, and they will all perish because they do not
know Jesus Christ, they are liars. Do you follow and obey Jesus
Christ or do you follow after the liars? Are you of Jesus or you
belong to a church?
Get out of church. Repent
and be baptized in water. Seek Jesus with all your heart and He will
reveal Himself to you. He will make your new inside and if you keep
on seeking and obeying Him, He will give His Spirit in you. He will
come and live with you. He will teach and guide you. You will know
Him for real, Do you know and follow Jesus Christ, or do you follow
after Liars you follow after churches of men? Repent and follow Jesus
or you will perish may.
Jesus bless you.

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