Friday, February 17, 2017

The Deviant Church

The real Church, the true
Body of Christ is not an organization; it is those individuals who
have been born again and in whom the Spirit of Jesus Christ dwells,
it is those people who heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and who
believed, those you obey Him, who repented and were baptized in
water, they were renewed inside, they were made children of God and
they were filled with the Holy Spirit and they follow the guidance of
the Spirit of Christ the Holy Spirit, dwelling in them. They follow
Jesus Christ wherever He goes. He is their Leader, He is the Teacher,
He is their guide.
Church organizations have all deviated from Jesus Christ. They have their own doctrines not the
words of Jesus. They have their own preachers and teachers, they do
not teach discipleship and obedience to Jesus Christ, they do not
teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. They teach their own teachings,
they build their own organization, their church. Their focus is on
the church and they draw people to the church, they make people
slaves and servants of their church, believers in their church and in
their doctrines. They do not make disciples of Jesus Christ.
The Deviant church has to support itself because it has buildings and it has preachers, it has
infrastructure that it needs to pay for. It wants to expand its
empire, that is not the kingdom of God, that is the Empire of the
deviant church, the False Church.
The true church, the body of Christ, does not have buildings. It is not a physical church. They
meet in houses, wherever they get together they break bread, they
have the Lord's Supper, they baptized new believers, not in a church
but like Jesus himself was baptized in a river outside of the church;
John the Baptist baptized people outside of the church in a river.
The true followers of Jesus Christ do not belong to nor subscribe to
a church. They are not church members, they belong to Jesus Christ,
they follow Him they are His disciples. They are the dwelling place
of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of Christ dwells in them and guides
them, they are the body of Christ.
The deviant church is the
organization of men. They have turned away from Jesus and they take
people away from Jesus, and make followers of men not followers of
Jesus Christ. They are deceiving the masses and they are leading
people to hell. They promise them a Salvation that does not exist,
because it is not the words of Jesus. Jesus did not just tell us to
believe in Him. He said that if we believe in Him we must obey Him.
He said: "Why do you call Me Lord and you do not what I say?"
If we truly believe in Jesus and we obey His words, the gospel of
Jesus Christ, as also recorded in the Bible, in the Gospels, Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John, we treasure the words of Jesus, we live by them,
we obey Him and He comes and lives in us. He guides us by His Spirit.
Jesus Christ is our Leader our King, our Master, we follow and serve
Him every day. We live holy and righteous in His presence, to be
pleasing to Him, we belong to His kingdom and we serve Him alone. We
do not belong to the deviant church, we belong to Jesus Christ and we
follow Him.
Do belong to Jesus? Are
you part of His body? Are you of the real church ,or are you part of
the deviant church, that has turned away from Jesus and follows after
its own devices? There is only one way to have eternal life and that
is to be part of the real church, the body of Christ, of whom Jesus
Christ Himself, is Head. His sheep hear His voice, they follow and
obey Him, they do His will. They bear good fruit because they remain
in Christ; they live holy and righteous and they do the will of God.
Do you belong to Jesus, or do you belong to the deviant church. Those
who do not belong to Jesus will perish. The deviant church will
perish. The judgment of God is coming on the deviant church. God will
judge His people, those who call themselves by His name, and those
who disobey Him will perish, if they do not repent repent and follow
Jesus, His words, be baptized in water, seek the guidance of His Holy
Spirit and become part of His body. Let Jesus Christ dwell in you and
then follow Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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