Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Churches Miss-Present Jesus Christ

The churches of this world
miss-present Jesus Christ because they do not know Him. They do not
fear Him and neither do they respect Him. They do not follow Him and
they are nothing like Him. They are like the world and they are
immoral, they go after the things of the world, they promise the
world salvation which they themselves do not have, because they do
not know nor do they follow and obey Jesus Christ. They preach
prosperity while living in sin. Jesus Christ preached repentance. He
said:"Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand."
Jesus said that if you do
not repent you will perish. The churches of this world are not like
Jesus. They are accepted by the world, they are highly regarded.
Jesus Christ did not have the stone to lay His head on. He did not
have a place to live. Jesus Christ was a man of pain and sorrow, He
was rejected, He was despised and He warned that if we follow and
obey Him, if we are His disciples we will be hated by this world, we
will be persecuted. The churches of this world present to you another
Jesus, a Jesus that will save you if you just believe in Him, A Jesus
that is tolerant to sin and immorality. They present to you a Jesus
that will rapture you out of trouble/tribulation.
Jesus Christ never
promised to rapture you out of trouble. He said those who endure with
Him until the end. will be saved. The churches of this world have no
knowledge of God, they have no fear for Jesus Christ, they do not
know who He is. All power and all authority belongs to Jesus. Those
who disobey His words, the gospel of Jesus Christ, they are already
judged, and they will perish, but those who miss- present Jesus,
those you call themselves his church His body and they live like
satan, His judgment will come on them. Judgment will start in the
house of God, with those who miss-present Jesus Christ. He will
discipline them and He will punish them and if they do not repent
they will perish. Repent and get out of the fake churches, follow
Jesus Christ and obey Him or else you will perish with them.
May Jesus bless you.

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