Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Most Christians have NO UNDERSTANDING

Most professing Christians
have no understanding. They have no understanding of the Bible, even
though they study the Bible, and they have no understanding of the
kingdom of God, because they are not born again. They quote
scripture, the Bible, out of context, they do not have any
understanding about what the writers wrote about, they quote the
Bible like parrots. They keep on reading,they keep on studying the
Bible, without understanding. They keep on going to seminars and they
listen to Bible teachers, who themselves are confused.
The reason is that they
are not born again, they are not led by the Spirit of God. They run
after people, they go after their own mind, and their own
understanding, and they are utterly confused. They do not understand
the kingdom of God, they do not know who Jesus Christ is. The reason
is that they have never been born again; they have never obeyed the
gospel of Jesus Christ, they never repented and turned away from sin
and also from trusting in their own carnal minds. They have not
repented from listening to other people and from running after the
world. They have never turned to Jesus Christ and they have never
started trusting Him. They've never asked Him for understanding, and
therefore they will perish in their sins, and they will still not
understand when they stand before Jesus Christ and He says to
them:"Go away I never knew you you workers of wickedness."
They have no understanding because they do not obey Jesus Christ.
Stop trying to be clever.
Stop trying to be wise in your own eyes. Obey the gospel of Jesus
Christ, repent, stop sinning, go on your knees before Jesus Christ and seek Him with all your heart. Turn
away from your own ways, from going after your own insight and
understanding, from trusting in other people, and put your trust in
Jesus. Pray seek Him with all your heart and obey Him. Be baptized in
water and be filled with the Holy Spirit, so that He can guide you,
so that your understanding and your wisdom can come from Jesus Christ
Himself, or else you will perish in your own wisdom, your
foolishness, because you trust in yourself and you refuse to obey and
follow Jesus Christ. Without Jesus we can do nothing.
Get on your knees before
Jesus. Cry out to Him. If we need wisdom we must ask of Him. He loves
us and He cares for us and He will give it to us, but not as long as
we trust in ourselves, not as long as we deny Him. Not as long as we
go after our own mind and trust in other people. We have to fully
trust in Jesus. We must ask Him for wisdom and understanding. Our
dependence must be on Jesus. Without Jesus we can do nothing. Do you
get your understanding from Jesus Christ, or do you run to other
people? Put your trust in Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart, draw
closer to Him and He will draw closer to you. He will give you wisdom
and understanding. He will guide and lead you, He will teach you, but
you have to repent and obey Him and then trust Him. Follow Him every
day until the very end.
May Jesus bless you.

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