Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The churches have not repented

God has been calling the
Christian churches to repentance but they have not repented. They
have become all the more worldly, evil, sinful. They are friendship
with the world, they are the world themselves. The churches are full
of fornicators, adulterers, homosexuals and the churches have even
joined themselves with Chrislam, they have joined themselves with
God has been warning the
churches to repent, to come back to Jesus, to preach the gospel of
Jesus Christ, but they have gone after money and the acceptance of
the world, tolerance to all kinds of evil. Not only do they approve
it but they do it also. The judgment of God is going to come on the
churches because they are leading the believers astray. Judgment will
start in the house of God, with those who call themselves by the name
of Jesus, but they are of satan. The churches have not repented, they
have gone further and further away from God and therefore the wrath
of God will be coming on the churches, on those who deceive the
people, who lead them astray, and the wrath of God will also come on
those who are being led astray, because they do not seek the truth,
they do not seek Jesus Christ.
The churches have not
repented, they have led the believers astray. Most churches confess
that they are all sinners. They do not believe in Jesus, they do not
believe His words, they do not know Him, neither do they make
followers of Jesus Christ. The churches seek their own gain to fill
their own pockets. They deceive the people and they rob the people.
The judgment of God is about to come on the churches that refuse to
repent and on those who cling to the church but do not seek Jesus
Christ. Are you part of the church? Have you repented? Do you see
Jesus Christ? Do you obey Him and do you follow Him? If you do not
repent and obey Jesus, obey His words, live holy and righteous, and
seek His guidance, follow Him, you will perish with the churches.
Without holiness no man shall see God. If you do not repent you will
certainly perish.
May Jesus bless you.

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