Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Religious INACTIVE Christians

Most Christian believers
are religious, inactive, unfruitful. They are no earthly good and
even less heavenly good. Many of them do not do a proper day's work.
They are lazy. They have no initiative, they have no direction in
life. Neither do they want to do anything for the kingdom of God,
because if you tell them that they must work for the kingdom of God,
they tell you that you are preaching I works gospel. If you follow
Jesus Christ you have direction and because you follow Him, He
directs your footsteps and He guides you into fruitfulness, both on
this earth, and for the kingdom of heaven.
Jesus Christ guides you in
productive work in your workplace, in whatever you do. You do it
properly because you do it for Jesus Christ and you work for the
kingdom of God. Most Christian believers are gutless and spineless
they do not stand for righteousness, neither do they stand for truth.
They are compromisers for the acceptance of men. They do not stand
for the kingdom of God neither do they stand for Jesus Christ. If we
cannot stand for Jesus Christ then we deny Him, and He said that
whoever denies Him in front of this wicked generation, that person he
will also deny before his Heavenly Father and His Holy angels. Jesus
calls us to be productive useful citizens, but we cannot do so if we
do not follow Him. Those who are being guided by the Spirit of God
are hardworking productive and useful people that make a proper
contribution in this world. They stand but for Jesus Christ and they
show by the deeds that they are children of God.
They have direction
because they follow Jesus Christ. Many believers think that they must
become homeless tramps if they follow Jesus Christ. They are not
following Jesus Christ. They have just become religious and inactive.
If you follow Jesus Christ and you do His will you will be working
very hard. You will not be taking time out. Neither will you do
shoddy workmanship but you will do everything as for the kingdom of
God. Jesus Christ calls us to be useful productive people, children
of God, that stand for truth and righteousness, people that work hard
and who earn their own keep, and who make a worthwhile contribution
in this world. The children of God are not worthless, but those who
are religious and inactive are not children of God, they are just
religious. Are you following Jesus Christ and being a model for the
world to see how to be our hard-working citizen that contributes to
society while he also works hard for the kingdom of God. Are you
proving by your deeds, that you belong to Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.

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