Monday, February 27, 2017

Discipleship a CLASSICAL Modern Example

Believers are often
confused about the meaning of discipleship. Many believers think that
to follow Jesus and seek the kingdom of God, means to become a
homeless tramp or to start your own church, or to become a preacher.
I want to give you a modern example of discipleship.
To be a disciple of Jesus
Christ and the kingdom of God you have to become to Jesus what a
Donald Trump has become to the United States of America. He has
abandoned his own business and his own life, his own ambitions and he
is serving the United States of America. He is seeking to progress
the country at the expense of himself. He has taken on the job
without pay and with much opposition and he is eagerly working for
the country to build the country. He is an example of how we must
seek and serve the kingdom of God. We have to abandon our own plans,
our own ambitions, and seek to build the kingdom of God.
We have to follow after
Jesus Christ and be led by His Holy Spirit, because without wisdom
from Jesus, without His guidance, we cannot build the kingdom of God,
the job is too great. We need to be led by the Head, Jesus Christ
Himself. We need to eagerly seek to do the will of God and
passionately go after that which Jesus Christ direct as to. We have
to work hard for the kingdom of God, not for ourselves, not for our
own gain, but for the kingdom of God, for Jesus Christ. Even in the
face of opposition we have to stay with Jesus and seek His kingdom,
eagerly work for Him and then we will have an inheritance in the
kingdom of God. If we do not abandon our own plans, our own life, and
our own interest, to go after the kingdom of God, after Jesus Christ
then we cannot be His disciples and then we are not worthy of Him. We
have to let go of everything and go after Jesus Christ. Are we truly
disciples of Jesus. Are we seeking to please Jesus Christ and to
build His kingdom. Is Jesus Christ our life? Is He our King, our
Lord, and our master and are we living to please Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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