Friday, February 24, 2017

Walking in TRUTH

People do not like the truth, because the truth is not always very
pleasant. People would rather go and listen to a lying politician, or a
psychologist, or a lying preacher, than to face up to the truth.
you know the truth and you face up to the truth, you can take the right
action, but if you love lies and if you go after lies then your lies
will lead you to destruction.
If we want wisdom or guidance then we
must just ask God, who gives to all men freely, and He will give it to
us. If we seek the truth then Jesus Christ Himself, will reveal Himself
to us. He is the WAY and the LIFE and the TRUTH. If we obey Jesus Christ
and we repent of our own wicked ways and of our love for lies, then
Jesus Christ will give His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth in us, to
teach us and to guide us into all truth, but the world loves lies and
therefor the world perishes.
Those who love the truth and who live
the truth, will LIVE, not onloy now but also for eternity. If you seek
the truth, you will find it. You will find Jesus Christ, but if you love
lies and you avoid the truth, ignore the truth, then you will perish
and you will only have yourself to blame.
Seek the truth and you will find Jesus Christ and He will guide you into all truth.
May Jesus bless you.

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