Friday, August 25, 2017

A New Way of Thinking and Living

The born-again child of
God that follows Jesus Christ has a different way of thinking, from
the carnal Christian and the unbeliever. Not all born again people do
follow Jesus Christ. Not all born again a children of God are being
saved. Many of them have the mindset of the world. Their mind is not
set on Jesus or on the kingdom of God, they still want to fit into
this world, be accepted by the world, and do good, excel, in this
The carnal Christian and
the unbeliever think along the ways of the world. They are
brainwashed by the world and they follow the systems of this world.
They follow the methodology of this world. That is why the church
organizations are Antichrist, they are of the world, they work
according to worldly principles, they are not set on the kingdom of
God. Their mind is set on themselves, on their own survival, on their
own growth and their own welfare, not on the kingdom of God.
If we follow Jesus Christ
and we are part of His kingdom we have a new way of thinking. We do
not think like the world, we set our mind on Christ. We set our mind
on obeying Jesus Christ, on being pleasing to Him, and on His
kingdom, on doing that which the Holy Spirit guides us to, because
those who are being led by the Spirit of God they are the children of
God. The born-again child of God who is actively following Jesus,
puts his mind on Jesus. He puts his mind on being pleasing to Jesus,
on obeying the commands of Jesus, His words. He puts his mind on the
Holy Spirit because he seeks and follows the guidance of the Holy
Spirit and he does not trust his own mind or the propaganda and
brainwashing that is going on in this world. His mind is set on
We cannot be part of the
kingdom of God and be pleasing to Jesus if our mind is set on the
things of the world. Our mind must be set on Him. The Apostle Paul
wrote:"Be transformed by the renewal of your mind." If our
mind is set on doing well in this world, being accepted by this
world, being influential and successful in this world, then we have
the mindset of the world that is at enmity with Jesus Christ, that
cannot please Jesus. That is a situation with most Christians. They
do not have the mind of Christ. They have the mindset of the world.
We must have a new way of thinking. Our thinking must be to do
everything that we possibly can to be pleasing to Jesus. Firstly by
obeying Him, obeying His words as they were delivered and recorded
also in the Gospels; Matthew, Mark. Luke and John. Repent be
baptized. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and follow the guidance of
the Holy Spirit.
Jesus said that unless a
person is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God, he cannot
envision, he cannot imagine it, it doesn't make no sense to him. He
needs to be born again and then he can see the kingdom of God, but
many of those who are born again do not trust Jesus, they do not
really believe. Even though they have a vision of the kingdom of God,
many of those are not following Jesus. They have their mind set on
the world and that is why they perish.
We need a new way of
thinking, the kingdom way, the Jesus way, to please Him, and not to
trust in our own understanding, and in our senses, the things that we
see in hear, but on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. That is why, if
we do not have the Spirit of Christ then we do not belong to Him. If
we do not follow and obey the Spirit of Christ we cannot be pleasing
to Him. We cannot please God by living according to the thinking, the
mindset, of this world. Our mind must be set on Jesus and we must be
led by the Holy Spirit. We need to seek and follow the guidance of
the Holy Spirit every day until the very end, in order to enter the
kingdom of God.
Have we put our minds on
Christ? Do we have a new way of thinking? Do we trust more in Jesus
than in the things that we see, the things that we've been taught,
since childhood, the media, the influences of the world, our own
interpretation of the Bible? Do we trust that more than Jesus Christ
or is our mind set on Jesus? Do we trust Him more than anything? Do
we trust His Spirit to guide us in everything? Do we have that new
way of thinking?
May Jesus bless you.

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