Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beware of the FALSE Gospel of Jesus Christ that is preached

The false a gospel of
Jesus Christ that is being preached in the world today will take
countless souls to hell. It is fruitless to believe in Jesus Christ
for salvation if we do not obey His words. The gospel of Jesus
Christ, the gospel that saves is the words that Jesus spoke, the
words that Jesus delivered when He walked this earth, as they are
also recorded in Matthew Mark Luke and John.
If we believe in Jesus for
salvation but we do not obey His words, then we are only fooling
ourselves, because Jesus said, if we love Him we will obey His
commands. Jesus said that not everyone that says to Him "Lord,
Lord" will enter into heaven, but those who do the will of His
Father. The words that Jesus spoke were the words of the Father,
those were the words of eternal life, and we can only have eternal
life if we live by those words, if we obey them. Those who disobey
Jesus Christ will perish even though they believed in Him.
If we truly believe in
Jesus we will do what He commanded. Jesus said:"Follow Me."
He commands us to repent, not only of sin but of living a senseless
life that centers around ourselves. We have to live for the kingdom
of God and obey the King, Jesus Christ Himself. We have to live
according to His words. He said:"repent and be baptized."
We need to turn away from sin, turn away from living for ourselves
and our own desires, and live in obedience to Jesus. We have to die
to sin, die to earthly desires, in order to live for the kingdom of
God. Go and read the words of Jesus in the gospel for yourself and
you will learn that He requires absolute obedience, absolute
dedication. He said if we wish to come after Him, if we wish to have
eternal life, we have to deny ourselves pick up our cross every day
and follow Him. We have to obey His words.
Many people ask: Now what
is this cross of Jesus that we have got to pick up? If we obey Jesus
and live according to His words then we will suffer much persecution,
we will have to give up many things in life, we will have to forsake
the pleasures of this world and we will have to live our lives in
such a way that we obey the words of Jesus. If we go after Jesus,
obey His words, repent and be baptized, and live a life that is
pleasing to Him, then we will be changed into His likeness. We will
like Him, but if we want
to be like the world, like the newest trends, and go after the things
of the world, we will be distracted and we will not follow nor obey
Jesus, we will end up in hell.
Many people have been
deceived by the false gospel that is preached in this world, a gospel
of tolerance, a gospel that we cannot stop sinning. We have to make
up our minds if we want eternal life. We have to go after Jesus with
all our power. It will not be easy. If we live according to the words
of Jesus, we will suffer persecution, we will suffer rejection, we
will have to deprive ourselves of earthly pleasures. We cannot go
after the pleasures of the world and expect to be part of the kingdom
of God. The sinful pleasures of this world lead to death and we have
to stay away from those. We have to reserve ourselves for Jesus and
live for Him. Jesus promised that if we obey His words, if we live
according to His words then He will reveal Himself to us. He will
come and dwell in us. He will give His Spirit in us. He will speak to
us. He will guide us, He will teach us. If we do not have the Spirit
of Christ in us, Jesus with us, and us with Him, then we do not
belong to Him and our faith is in vain.
We can only be pleasing to
Jesus if we obey Him, and we need to have His Spirit guiding us,
teaching us. We need to obey His Spirit. He will tell us how to live,
where to live, what to do, but we have to ask. We have to go after
Him, but first we have to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ; we have to
commit to live according to His ways, to submit ourselves to Him,
repent and be baptized, turn away from sin and earthly desires, and
desire earnestly to go after Jesus. Then He will reveal Himself to
you, but if we turn away from Jesus, if we allow ourselves to get
distracted, then we will go away from Jesus and we will not enter His
Only those who endure with
Jesus until the very end, stay with Him, only they will enter into
the kingdom of heaven. The way of the cross, the way of following
Jesus, is not easy, it is difficult. Very few will follow that way.
It is a way of persecution, rejection of pain and suffering. It is a
way of deprivation. It is not an easy way, but it is the only way to
enter into the kingdom of God, and we have to stay with Jesus, to
stay on that way because without Jesus we can do nothing. As long as
we follow Jesus we will endure suffering, rejection, pain, we will
change to be like Him, more and more, until the very end. If we do
not stay with Him we will become conformed to this world and we will
end up in damnation.
Are we walking on the
narrow road? Are we focused on Jesus? Do we know Him for real? Are we
really serious about the kingdom of God, or have we become a victim
of the false gospel that is preached in this world? Because that
gospel is a gospel without Jesus Christ. It talks about believing in
Jesus but it does not obey Jesus. It is a waste, it is a lie, and it
will lead countless people to hell. Are we following Jesus on the
narrow way every day, or have we been deceived and are we going our
own way? Have we strayed like sheep? We have to stay with the Good
Shepherd. Stay with Jesus until the very end to have eternal life. Go
and read the words of Jesus in the Gospels. Pray and ask Jesus to
make those words to come alive to you, to engrave them in your mind,
in your heart, and ask Him, Holy Spirit, to remind you of those words
all the time, and obey Him. Obey that prompting of the Holy Spirit
when he warns you and convicts you, and calls you back onto the
straight and narrow road. If we do not stay with Jesus on that road
until the very end then we will not enter the kingdom of heaven.
Most believers will be
disappointed, disillusioned, but it will be forever too late when
they find out that they were deceived and they will not enter the
kingdom of heaven. Be serious with Jesus. Seek Him with all your
heart. Obey His words, and He will reveal Himself to you. You will
know Him for real and you will walk with Him. He will talk with you.
If you obey Him and stay with Him, He will lead you and guide you
until the very end. He will give you eternal life. Jesus Christ is
the only way. Follow him until the very end.
May Jesus bless you.

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