Sunday, August 20, 2017

Just Not Serious

Most Christian believers
are not serious about Jesus Christ and that is why they will end up
in hell. They do not really believe in Jesus. They do not really
believe that He is Lord. They do not believe that He is the One who
will determine whether they go into heaven or into hell and that is
why they disregard Him. They do not fear Him and they do not obey
Him. Some say they love Him, but if they did they would obey His
Jesus said:"If you
love Me, obey My commands." Most Christian believers couldn't
care about Jesus. They care about other things. They care about
themselves, their own life, their church, their status, everything
other but Jesus Christ. He is not on their list of priorities. They
do not really believe the words of Jesus. If they were serious about
Jesus and they did truly believe they would be very careful to obey
His words, because His words are the words of eternal life. Jesus
Christ came to give us the words of eternal life and they were
recorded in the Gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the words of
Jesus, the words by which we will be judged. If we disobey Jesus we
will perish. Those who disobey Jesus are already judged. If we truly
believe that Jesus is the way and the truth and the life we will
follow Him, but most believers are not serious, they don't believe in
Jesus. They believe their own ideologies, their own theories. They
don't care for Jesus and that is why they will perish.
Jesus gave many stark
warnings. He said:"If you deny Me before men, I will deny you
before My heavenly Father and His holy angels." Jesus said if
you look at a woman to lust after her you have already committed
adultery in your heart and you're guilty before God. The words of
Jesus are very harsh words, they are very hard words and therefor
people rather want to talk around it, disregard it, discount it to
their own detriment. If we do not obey Jesus we will not enter His
kingdom. Jesus said that if we obey His words, if we repent, turn
away from all sin, turn to Him, if we seek Him with all our
heart, if we are baptized
in water as He commanded and we ask Him, then He will give us the
Holy Spirit, His Spirit to come and guide us, to be with us. He
promised that He will reveal Himself to us. He will speak to us.
People don't believe. That is why they do not obey Jesus. They don't
take Him seriously. That is why they don't hear His voice, they don't
know His voice and they will end up in hell. Jesus said and He will
say to many religious people:"Go away, I never knew you you
workers of wickedness," even though these people were preachers,
they cast out demons, performed many miracles in the name of Jesus.
He will say to them:"Go away, I never knew you." They were
not interested Jesus, they just used His Name for their own benefit.
They were not serious about following Him, they did not hear His
voice, they did not want to hear His voice.
Jesus will reveal Himself
to everyone who seeks Him but people are not serious. Jesus promised
that if we seek Him with all our heart, if we obey His words, He will
reveal Himself to us. Him and the Father will come and dwell with us.
But people don't believe, they're not serious, they're not
interested, they don't want Jesus to be with them. They I want to be
with other things. They occupy themselves with other things that
appeal more to them. Jesus is an offense to them. They don't take Him
seriously, that is why they will perish. Jesus Christ is the only
way, whether you like it or not. It's either His way, or no way.
Ether we love Him, obey Him, fear Him, do whatever He tells us to do
or when we stand before Him one day in judgment, He will say:"You
were not interested in Me. You had no business with me. I have no
place for you. Go away."
Do we believe? Are we
serious about Jesus? If we are, we will show it by our deeds, we will
not allow anything from stopping us to do what Jesus requires. Most
believers are not serious about Jesus Christ. Are we serious about
May Jesus bless you.

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