Thursday, August 31, 2017

Do Not Worry

Jesus Christ commands us
not to worry, not to be concerned about tomorrow because we cannot
change anything by worrying. He says that our Heavenly Father knows
what we need and He will freely give it to us, He will supply in all
our needs because He takes care of the birds of the heavens, He will
also take care of His children. Jesus gives peace beyond all
understanding to those who obey Him, but as it is written: There is
no peace for the sinner.
The sinner has a reason to
worry even though he is a believer. Jesus said He will never leave
us, He will never forsake us, but He also said that if we deny Him,
He will certainly also deny us. If we make God our refuge, if we
live for the kingdom of God and we obey the commands of Jesus then we
can pray with confidence and we can trust the Lord and know that He
will answer our prayer, that He will take care of us. But if we
disobey Him and we live selfishly for ourselves, if we have no
business with God, if we don't care for Jesus Christ and for His
kingdom then we have reason to be worried. It is only when we are in
obedience to Jesus, in Christ, that He gives us peace beyond all
understanding, no matter what our circumstances are, because He is in
They once came to Jesus
and told Him about a tower that fell on people, the Tower of Shiloam,
and they were killed, and Jesus said to them:"If you do not
repent you will perish likewise." There is no peace for the
sinner, no peace for the person who disobeys Jesus Christ, he has
reason to worry not only about his current situation and what is
happening in the world, the uncertainties, the anxiety that is
destroying so many people. It is because of sin, it is because of not
obeying Jesus. They do not have Jesus and therefor they do not have
peace. If we obey Jesus then we have no reason to worry, then we can
have confidence, and His peace will be in us and with us. If we sin
and disobey Him that peace will leave us.
Do you want that peace
that Jesus gives, that peace beyond all understanding? Then obey Him
obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, live in obedience to Him. Repent and
be baptized in water, obey His commands, live holy and righteous and
Jesus Christ will give His peace in you. He will give his Holy Spirit
in you, He will reveal Himself to you and you will be in peace even
though this whole world is falling to pieces, because God is in
control. But He looks after those who take Him seriously, those who
are for Him. If God is for us, who can be against us, but if we are
against God then we are without the protection of God. Jesus said
that He will never leave us He will never forsake us, but if we deny
Him, He will certainly also deny us. If we do not take Him seriously
and we do not obey Him, in our day of trouble, we will call on Him
and He will not answer, because when He called we did not answer, we
were not interested in Him. If we deny Jesus, He will certainly also
deny us but if we seek to please Him, if we live for Him and for His
kingdom, then we can rest at ease, we can be at peace, because He
fills us with His peace that passes all understanding, then we need
not worry.
Are you worried? Are you
concerned about tomorrow, about the future, about what is happening
in the world, about what could happen? Obey the gospel of Jesus
Christ and He will give you peace beyond all understanding. He will
give you peace that you cannot find anywhere else because He takes
care of those who trust Him and who obey Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Thank you brother!
    Hope Jesus will talk to me. Im trying to focus my attention to him instead of wordly things. It is difficult but eventually i will stop worring
    Thank you!