Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Walking in the Light

Jesus Christ is the Light
of the world and those who follow Him will not be in darkness. Sadly
most Christians are not following Jesus Christ. They are following
their own mind, their own interpretation of the Bible, the
scriptures, and therefore they stumble. They are confused and they
confuse other people. They lead them astray because they make
predictions based on their own understanding. They are not following
Jesus Christ.
Jesus said we must follow
Him. We cannot run ahead of Him even if He tells us what will happen
in the future. We cannot go ahead of him we must follow Him or else
we will go into darkness. Many people make predictions based on what
Jesus told them, revelation that He gave them and when things do not
work out the way that they expected and they lose faith, they are
disillusioned. They deceive other people. They make predictions of
the rapture and things that will happen in the future, and then those
things never happen and those people that believed those predictions
lose faith in Jesus, but their faith was never in Jesus. Their faith
was in the prediction or in that person who is in darkness, who is
not following Jesus.
We must follow Jesus every
day. He is the future. He is the way, He is the truth, He is the
life. We must follow Him not run ahead of Him. If we follow Jesus we
will never be in darkness. Are we following Jesus every day, one day
at a time? Are we walking in the Light?
May Jesus bless you.

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