Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Stay Connected

We live in a world where
it is essential to be connected, connected to the Internet to have a
cellphone connection or else you can do nothing. You need that
connection, but there is one connection that most
people lack and they don't
even realize it and that is to be connected to Jesus Christ. Without
Jesus we can do nothing.
Many believe in Jesus but
they are not connected to Him, they don't know Him. If we don't have
Jesus, we don't have life. To believe in Jesus cannot save us if we
are not connected to Him. If we are not guided by Him, if we do not
have a relationship with Him, if our connection with Jesus is not
real, then we are only fooling ourselves. Those who are being led by
the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. Those who obey the gospel
of Jesus Christ and who seek Him with all their heart, they get
connected to Jesus, they become part of the kingdom of God; they are
led by the Spirit of God, they are connected. Without that connection
they are lost. If you are not connected to Jesus you don't have any
hope, dear friend. If we are not connected to Jesus we are lost.
Have you connected to
Jesus? Are you staying connected? Are you being led by the Holy
Spirit? Do you hear from Him? His sheep hear His voice, they listen
to Him and they follow Him. Those who are not connected to Jesus are
in darkness, they are lost. Jesus Christ is alive, He is the way, He
is the truth, He is the life. He speaks. His sheep listen to His
voice, they follow Him. Are you one of His sheep? Are you connected?
Do you want to be connected? Jesus promised His spirit in those who
seek Him. Obey the words of Jesus, repent and be baptized in water,
seek Him with all your heart and He will give His Spirit in you; the
Holy Spirit will teach us and guide us and tell us things to come.
The Holy Spirit connects us with Jesus Christ. Have you received the
Holy Spirit? Are you connected to Jesus and are you staying
connected, or has sin and other things come in between you and
Jesus? Have you lost your connection? Get back to Jesus. Get
connected and stay connected or else you will perish, you will not
make it into the kingdom of heaven without your connection. Are you
connected to Jesus?
May Jesus bless you.

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