Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bible Believers are NOT Christians they are LOST

Bible believers are not
Christians. They are not disciples of Jesus Christ. They do not
follow Him. They occupy themselves with the scriptures, with the
Bible. They have no relationship with Jesus Christ, they have no fear
of God. They manipulate and apply the scriptures to their own insight
and their own liking. They have a fabricated for themselves an image
of God which they can manipulate as it pleases them. They do not know
Jesus Christ because they're not interested in knowing Him. To them
their Bible is their way to salvation and they are lost. They are
deceived. They cannot please God because without faith it is
impossible to please God.
Those who are being led by
the Spirit of God they are the sons of God. The Bible believers deny
Jesus Christ, they were the ones who crucified Him, because they had
no fear of Him, they did not recognize Him. Bible believers do not
know Jesus Christ. If they did they would fear Him, they would get
their guidance from Him and they would serve Him, they would obey Him
but they don't. They justify themselves from the scriptures. If we do
not have the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit, then we do not belong
to Him. If we do not follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit we cannot
please Him. If we are not led by the Holy Spirit we are not children
of God. Bible believers are not children of God, they are deceived.
Have you met Jesus Christ
of the Bible? Do you know Him? Do you fear Him? Do you serve Him? Do
you get your guidance from Him or do you run to your Bible? Do you
look for scripture or do you look for Jesus? Is Jesus Christ your
life? Is He the center of your life or is your faith based on your
Bible? Because then you are lost. Get to know Jesus Christ. Seek Him
until you find Him. His sheep hear His voice, they listen to Him.
They follow Him. They do not listen to strangers, they are not led by
the scriptures. They are led by the Holy Spirit. They know Jesus and
He knows them. They know His voice. Do you know His voice? Do you
listen to Him? Do you fear Him? Do you follow and obey Him?
May Jesus bless you.

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