Monday, August 21, 2017

Stay in God's Plan

Jesus calls each and every
one of us to follow Him and to walk in His plan, because He has a
plan for each and every disciple. He warned that if somebody wants to
follow Him, they must first count the cost, whether they will be able
to stay with Him until the end. He said that if a person wants to
build a tower he must first determine whether he will have enough
means, money, to finish the tower, or else people will laugh at him
when he starts the project and never completes it. The very same if
we want to follow Him we've first got to count the cost. Are we
willing to submit ourselves to Jesus and if He requires it of us, to
abandon our own plans and follow Him. If we're not willing to do that
we cannot be His disciples, we cannot have eternal life.
We have to commit to
Jesus, be willing to go with Him all the way, until the end, to walk
in His plan, to walk according to His plan, so that we can be part of
His kingdom. That is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is about. It is
about the kingdom of God and walking in His plan. If we want to be
part of the kingdom of God and have eternal life then we have to
submit ourselves to Jesus; firstly repent and be baptized be filled
with the Holy Spirit, live our lives according to His commands, in
righteousness and holiness, in total commitment to Him and then He
will reveal himself to us. He will give His Holy Spirit in us to
teach us and to guide us and He will guide us in His ways and in His
plan so that we can be fruitful in His kingdom, so that we can be
part of his kingdom.
Many have started with
Jesus but very few will complete the race. Very few will endure with
Him until the very, end because they didn't count the cost, or they
gave up, they got distracted. We have to be determined to walk in His
plan. We have to endure with Him, submit ourselves to Him and be used
by Him for His kingdom. If we do not remain in Christ, if we are not
led by the Holy Spirit, we cannot bear fruit for the kingdom of God.
We cannot follow our own mind, make our own plans how we will work
for God. He's not interested in that. Don't go to church and become
part of their plan, because their plan is not God's plan. That's
their plan. Then you serve the church, you serve other people. Don't
run after other disciples. They have their own walk with Jesus.
Follow Jesus. Listen to
Him. Be guided by His Spirit. Wait on Him. Don't allow others to
follow you. They have to follow Jesus. Jesus said to me:"Take a
man and put his hand in My hand and I will guide him." That is
what I'm here for, is to put your hand in the hand of Jesus so that
you can follow Him, that you can walk in His plan do His will, become
part of His kingdom, hear His voice, listen to Him, do His will. That
is what the kingdom of God is about, that is what Jesus calls us for.
We must not allow
ourselves to be distracted from God's plan. There will be many
opportunities, there will be many distractions, even from our closest
allies, followers of Jesus. We are reminded of Peter, when Jesus told
the disciples that He would suffer and be killed. Peter rebuked Him,
He said:"Lord may it never be!" What did Jesus say to him?
He said to him:"Get behind me satan, you area stumbling block to
Me." Those are harsh words but we have to be committed to stay
in God's plan and we can only do that if we follow Jesus, not if we
follow other sheep, or if we are led by the prophecies of other
people, or our own insight of the scriptures.
We have to hear from
Jesus. We have to be committed to hear from Him and not do anything
unless we are sure that He told us to do it. We have to trust Him,
wait on Him and not assume anything, not follow our own mind, because
He will not give us the plan. He just tells us to follow Him. He
says:"Follow Me, trust Me, stay with Me and I will guide you
every step of the way. " That is the only way to stay in God's
plan, is to stay with Jesus, not with other people, the other
believers. We have to stay with Jesus, be led by the Holy Spirit.
It's a lonely road but it's God's road. To follow Jesus is a lonely
road, but it's the only road. We come into this life on our own and
we leave this world on our own, and then we stand before Jesus and
then He will say to us:"Why did you not follow Me. You had no
business with Me. Why do you want to come here. I don't know you go
away from Me. I never knew you." We have to be committed to
Jesus Himself. Without Jesus we can do nothing.
This is not the gospel
that the church preaches. The church preaches a lie. The church tells
you to come to church, to become part of their plan, so that they can
use you for their own purpose. They distract you they take you, away
from Jesus. Do not look for the approval of men. If you look for the
approval of man you cannot be pleasing to Jesus. If you are still
concerned about what other people will say or think, even your
family, or other brothers in Christ, you cannot be a disciple of
Jesus Christ, you cannot be pleasing to Jesus because He will tell
you to do things that people disapprove of.They will think it's too
risky, it's impossible. Jesus does not guide us on the beaten path.
He guides us in His ways. He is the God of the impossible. Those who
are being led by the Spirit of God they are like the wind. Those who
are born of the Spirit of God and being led by the Spirit of God they
are like the wind, you dont know where they come from and where they
are going. They don't even know themselves, because they are led by
the Holy Spirit. They follow Jesus. They are not concerned about
tomorrow. They are concerned about Jesus, staying with Him so that
they can stay in His plan, do His will. That's the only way that we
can be pleasing to Jesus, because without faith it is impossible to
please God. Faith in God, faith in Jesus, faith in Him alone, hearing
from Him, listening to Him; trusting Him obeying Him, doing His will,
going where He sends you, doing what He tells you to do. That is how
you bear fruit, you walk with God. You stay in His plan. It's not
about just believing in Jesus, it is following obeying Him, trusting
Him giving up everything that He requires of you to give up, not what
you want to give up, but what He tells you to give up. Going where He
sends you, not where you want to go, not what you think, not because
you had a wonderful opportunity, or invitation. I've had invitations
that God told me:"You don't go there," because it was not
His plan. If we are trying to please people, even though they're our
brothers in Christ, and of Christians, then we cannot be pleasing to
God. We have to seek the approval of Jesus Christ, obey Him, know
Him, trust Him, go with Him, every step of the way, stay in His plan.
Are you willing to follow
Jesus? Are you willing to stay in His plan? It's not an easy road but
it is the only road, to be pleasing to Him. Jesus will guide you
every step of the way. He will teach you, He will supply in all your
needs. you will see the miraculous, you will see the hand of God
moving, if you stay with Him, if you stay in His plan but if you walk
in your own plans and follow after other people you will not enter
the kingdom of heaven. We have to stay in God's plan. Do you want to
follow Jesus? Do you want eternal life? Do you want His approval?
Then you have to stay with Him to stay in His plan.
May Jesus bless you.

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