Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Be Separate

The children of God are a
holy nation, a royal priesthood a special people. They are not like
the rest of the world. Jesus calls us to be separate unto Him, the
called out ones. We must not be like the rest of the world. we must
separate ourselves unto Jesus. We ought to be salt, and light in
darkness. We must proclaim Jesus Christ in this world. We are not of
this world.
If we are of Christ we are
not of this world. We must take upon us the yoke of Jesus and learn
from Him. We must live for Him, listen to Him, follow Him. and do
what is pleasing to Him. We must not strive to be like the world but
we must be changed by the renewal of our mind. We must have the mind
of Christ and speak the words of Christ. In everything we have to
represent Jesus. We must be like Him. If we are of this world we
cannot be of the kingdom of God. If we fit into this world we fit out
of the kingdom of God. Are we separate? Have we separated ourselves
unto Jesus and are we living for Him, or are we still trying to fit
into this world and be acceptable to this world? Whoever wants to be
a friend of this world makes himself an enemy of God. If we separate
ourselves unto Jesus He will accept us He will use us for His
kingdom, but if we try to be like this world then we are not worthy
of Jesus and we will not fit into His kingdom. Are we separated unto
Jesus? Are we living our lives to please Him or are we still seeking
for the acceptance of men and to fit into this world that is doomed?
May Jesus bless you.

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